Conversations On Ireland

Department of Foreign Affairs

Answering the questions of “How should the world see Ireland?” and “How should we portray ourselves to the world?” is no easy feat. 

Our film, “Conversations on Ireland” was created as a part of the launch of the Department of Foreign Affairs’s Global Reputation Strategy. The film brings to life the central themes around which the Global Reputation Strategy is organised, presenting a wide spectrum of voices representing various facets of Irish society. This approach highlights the three shared values that define the contemporary Irish experience:

Community — the bonds that hold us together, even as we become a global society

Creativity — the multiplicity of ways through which we express our identity and our perspectives on the world

Transformation — how we create and adapt to change, moving forward together, renewed and renewing. 

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“Music is like a conversation. One phrase leads to the other and it just goes on and on …”


—Martin Hayes, Musician

“We have our own ethics and our own understanding of the world but we also have a great tendency to want to reach out because we love the chat” —Noeline Blackwell, Children’s Rights Alliance


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