Feed the Spark

Creative Futures Academy

There’s a spark within us that needs to be fed

A ground-breaking partnership between three leading creative institutions: The National College of Art and Design, University College Dublin, and the Institute of Art Design + Technology; in September 2022 the Creative Futures Academy (CFA) tasked bigO with raising awareness of and inspiring curiosity in its innovative programme through a dynamic hero video.

Bringing thinkers and leaders from academia, the creative arts and industry together to create new programmes and fully-accredited micro courses, CFA empowers creative practitioners with the adaptable skills and attributes they will require to shape the future of Ireland’s cultural and creative sector.

With a syncopated script delivered by talented UCD alumnus Malik Onilenla, the video speaks to this burgeoning sector by capturing the essence of a creative person’s lifelong relationship with curiosity, learning and inspiration. 

CFA_Feed the Spark_9

“Create your future, shape it so

Feed the spark and learn and grow

Duck and dive, think and thrive

Light the fuse in every hive”


Youthful and frenetic, the voiceover naturally connects with CFA’s audience, describing the spark in all creative people that needs to be fed and nurtured. Written in a spoken word style, the script focuses on Malik’s unique rhythm, intonation, and inflection to create moments of pace within the piece. 

Impactful, unexpected, and visionary, the film speaks very much to the target market with clean, modern art direction while also reinforcing the ethos of the CFA. Throughout the film, the modular nature of CFA’s partnership is reflected via multiple frames and graphic blocks of the brand colour purple. A social cutdown of the video with text overlay then brought the video to CFA’s audience over multiple platforms.


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