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Discovering why the west is the best

Galway is one of Ireland’s most engaging cities. Here, brightly painted pubs heave with live music, while restaurants and cafés offer front-row seats for observing buskers and enjoying street theatre. It’s both slow and fast, old and new, bustling and relaxing. And in early 2022, Galway City Council commissioned bigO to show the rest of Ireland why they need to ‘Keep Discovering Galway City’.  

The digitally focused campaign ran across press, audio, PR, digital and social channels, and also partnered with the Irish Independent and the incredibly popular lifestyle podcast, the Tommy, Hector & Laurita Podcast.


The campaign’s dynamic hero video showcased the wealth of activities to enjoy in Galway City, from braving the elements with a Salthill dip to the best in fine dining, culture and nightlife.

Our campaign didn’t just focus on Galway’s features or its benefits, it focused on the experience and how Galway makes you feel.


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