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The Ask

2020 will be remembered as a year like no other. For tourism and hospitality vendors, its impact was detrimental. In early 2020, bigO was tasked with creating a campaign for Tipperary Tourism that would shine a light on this lesser-known destination. Add a global pandemic and intermittent national lockdowns and the campaign problem suddenly became a complex ask.

Tipperary is an incredible county with plenty of appeal for all sorts of visitors. Hugely under-recognised as a place to visit, we decided to turn this negative into a positive and devised a campaign whereby local knowledge was gleaned from some influential Tipperary faces. The aim was to uncover tips on the county’s hidden treasure troves and encourage online user generated content and engagement of people’s own #MyTipperaryTips. 


The Approach

We used local heroes such as Orla O’Dwyer who plays camogie and ladies’ Gaelic football for Tipperary and for Brisbane in the AFL Women’s competition; Kevin Thornton, a celebrity chef, television personality and author who was born in Cashel; and Katie Gleeson, a parenting blogger and photographer who posts about her family life on a farm in the Golden Vale to give their Tipperary Tips on life in the premier county. 


The Impact

Our ability to move in an agile fashion and create our Tipperary is Open campaign in light of the COVID-19 crisis meant that Tipperary was ahead of other tourism providers. Over the course of the summer months, saw 20,000 unique visitors to the campaign landing page.

Instagram and Facebook fans increased 108% on the year previous. Plus, engagement with content was above three times the industry average.

We used local heroes to give their 'Tipperary Tips' on life in the Premier County

Locals in the know

As part of the campaign, we created three #MyTipperaryTips films featuring Tipperary influencers, two films with local heroes and three montage films as additional content to herald the end of Government lockdown restrictions. Cleverly adapting the campaign to cope with 2020’s unique challenges, we also used existing footage to create a ‘Tipperary is Open’ campaign that still fit within the wider #MyTipperaryTips creative platform.

Each film contained stunning shots of Tipperary’s ancient heritage sites, rolling landscape of mountains and fertile ground, rich tapestry of lakes and delicious eateries. In each film, we used individuals that represented the key markets outlined by Tipperary Tourism.

Throughout the videos, our heroes and influencers discussed their experiences and insider tips on the absolute best of Tipperary as we followed their journeys. The video was overlaid with a voiceover explaining their favourite hidden gems and places in Tipperary.

In each video, we used individuals that represented the key markets. For example, 2-Star Michelin chef and TV personality Kevin Thornton represented the culturally curious segmentation. In his piece, he spoke about the incredible produce on offer, his own home town of Cashel and the amazing scenery within the county.


We created three versions of the radio advert that was broadcast on regional and national radio. In the radio versions – as it was scheduled in July when the country was reopening – we took into consideration the two key messages that Tipperary is open and welcoming visitors, as well as the original ‘That’s my tip. That’s my Tipperary’ creative. 



In order to use the budget as efficiently as possible, photography was taken while shooting the hero videos. We also reached out to local photographers to use their imagery. This gave us a bank of photography that we could use for social as well as other marketing resources, like our ambient campaign in Cork Airport.

In keeping with the #MyTipperaryTips campaign, each of the photographers was asked to write a short blurb about what their tip would be for a trip to Tipperary. From this, quotes were pulled and added as a design flourish to each of the artboards. Locations covered include Lough Derg, The Vee, The Galtees Coolbawn and many more. Each of the images was then posted on the Tipperary Tourism social media channels over ten weeks.


Copywriting | Website | Social 

Copy was written for the website to coincide with the copy written for the radio and video. This ensured a cohesive tone of voice, look and feel throughout. Website traffic saw 20,000 unique visitors to the campaign landing page.

bigO supported the summer campaign by communicating key messages to a successfully targeted audience on Tipperary’s social media channels over this time period. Social posts included created video and photography content, curated content from user-generated materials and influencer marketing. The campaign saw 1,773,981 impressions on all their channels with 225,257 video views. 

We created image templates for use across social media to give the brand a modern but professional feel that tied into the marketing campaign on video and the website.

Engagements levels increased on all the channels and were twice that of recorded industry standard levels.


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