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Dublin City Council

Celebrating one city through one book

Dublin: One City, One Book is an award-winning Dublin City Council initiative, led by Dublin City Libraries, which encourages everyone to read a book connected with the capital city during the month of April each year. To promote the book The Country Girls Trilogy, we used several excerpts from The Country Girls Trilogy and asked up-and-coming spoken word poet Felispeaks to put her own spin on it. Filmed in several key locations around Dublin, we took this seminal piece of Irish literature and modernised it, bringing Edna O’Brien’s words to an entirely new audience.


The initiative was an unbridled success. Thousands of books were downloaded from the book’s digital depository and the Abbey Theatre show sold out.

“I loved that part of Dublin then and forever, because it was there I laid my lips to the image of him that I had created, and the pigeons’ droppings on the Customs House were white flowers which splashed the dark, ancient stone of the steps and porch.”  Country Girls Trilogy

“I’m going to blow up this town.”  Country Girls Trilogy


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