A life in the day

James Joyce was a writer and poet who is regarded as one of the most influential and important writers of the 20th century. Joyce was also a student of UCD between 1898 and 1902  and, in 2022, to mark the anniversary of his most famous work Ulysses, we were asked to celebrate the 100 year-old text and the students in UCD today. 


Just like Ulysses’s dualistic ‘just a day in the life of…’ and ‘one mother of an epic odyssey’ this film illustrates one student’s day in UCD as she muses upon Joyce’s time there.


The film offers a brilliant panorama of life; striking parallels and contrasts between our existence one hundred years ago and our existence today.  

The ambition of this work was to push boundaries, champion the student and university and reflect Joyce’s essence in the present day context in a creative, experimental, compelling and unexpected way.

“ Life, love, voyage round your own little world.”– Ulysses, Episode 13: Nausicaa


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