St Brigid’s Day 2023

Department of Foreign Affairs

Irish women blazing a trail

Brigid, Brigit, Bríde, Bríd, Bríg. Goddess, saint, healer, warrior, visionary. February 2023 saw Brigid and her trailblazing ways celebrated for the first time with a national public holiday.

The evocative I Am Brigid, features a number of Irish women who are leaders in their fields of activism, academia, advocacy, science, sport, music, medicine and more. The film encapsulates the idea that Brigid and her gifts of healing, fire and creativity live within us all. 

By using the rich text of myths surrounding Brigid and contemporising them, we created a dreamlike film that celebrates modern creativity and female energy. Vibrant portrait imagery and quotes from each of the video’s participants were also used to bring the campaign pages to life across 

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In addition, the Common Threads project and its video illustrates the power of creative expression to form connections as 40 textile artworks from across the globe were combined to create a vivid wall hanging.


This final art work mirrored the power of sorority and the myth surrounding St Brigid’s cloak. 

Despite its ancient origins, bigO’s approach was to signpost St Brigid’s Day as something fresh, inspiring, brave and progressive – a space where we can craft new narratives while platforming trailblazing voices in Ireland and on the international stage. 


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