Teaching Transforms

Department of Education

Those who can, teach

The aim of this campaign was to drive recruitment for the Department of Education for younger would-be teachers in Ireland. With 1,000 posts to be filled in 2019, the Department needed to reach their target audience with eye-catching, nostalgic, emotive content. 

The campaign brief was to appeal to a potential applicant’s sense of pride; to demonstrate that teaching is not simply a job or a profession – it’s a calling that leaves students with a lifelong impression as they grow and develop into adults. Highlighting the vital role teachers play when they see and nurture their students’ potential was key to this messaging. 

School Year Book
School Year Book
School Year Book

Shape the Future

Along with creative lead TBWA Dublin, we created a video, radio spots, and a bank of imagery which could be rolled out on social media, video, cinema, on demand, and display to reach the target audience. As the audience was younger, it was important to reach as wide a segment of the population as possible, on platforms they were likely to be active on, with content that immediately grabbed them. It needed to be emotive, visually striking and vitally… real. All content featured real-life people who relayed the true impact that particular teachers had on their lives.



Your Life is a Blank Page…

The video opens on a cinema 4D school yearbook, with flipping pages to reveal our students as children. They talk about their treasured memories of school teachers who influenced them and shaped them into the people they are today. Through animation, the participants were transformed into their modern selves as the video weaved through several stories to reveal the CTA. 

The campaign was a success with just under 800,000 video views on YouTube alone and lots of shares/likes across social media, too.


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