Focus Ireland

Shining a light on those experiencing homelessness

To coincide with Focus Ireland’s annual Shine a Light fundraising event, bigO created and produced a poignant video and the arresting accompanying photography for its 2020 social campaign.

Each October, #ShineALightNight sees people nationwide ‘sleep out’ in their local area, gardens, or workplaces in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness. 

bigO’s video, ‘Why?’, presents a day in the life of young Amy and her mother, as a family living in emergency accommodation in Dublin. Transfixed by her doll’s house and full of questions about the world around her, there are some questions Amy’s mother can answer and some, she simply can’t.

With music used sparingly we charted the pair’s day, going from relatively upbeat as they happily roamed the city, to the more vulnerable, emotive end of the day soundtrack – when the viewer now fully understands the family’s living circumstances.  

With delicate yet deliberate sound design and a lone, affecting voice-over in the final frame, the video starkly reveals the difficulties homeless children and their families face.

The video was shared on Focus Ireland’s social channels for #ShineALightNight on October 16 2020. Despite COVID-19 challenges, 2020 was the fundraiser’s most successful ever year.


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